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A Himba Chief walks through his village in Koakoland, Namibia.


The eldest male in the clan leads his people. The men's main tasks are tending to the livestock farming, herding where the men will often be away from the family home for extended periods, animal slaughtering, construction, and holding council with village tribal chiefs.


The Himba are polygamous, with the average man being husband to two wives at the same time. They also practice early-arranged marriages. Young girls are married to male partners chosen by their fathers. This happens from the onset of puberty, which may mean that girls aged 10 or below are married off. This practice is illegal in Namibia, and even some Himba’s contest it, but it is nevertheless widespread.


The Himba are a people that live very distant from the "modern-western" world. Although they have contact with the western society, the they have managed to maintain their traditional lifestyle.

Himba Chief, “The Red People”, Kunene Region, Namibia Africa. August 2015.

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